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About Us

Our Story
After having our first son we had everything crib, playpen, stroller, etc. So when we had our second son, all we needed were diapers. When we told our friends and family we wanted diapers they would tell us that diapers weren’t a gift (that they wanted to give). So we decided to find a way to make diaper giving a great gift. Hence, Stinky Cakes™ was born.

How did you create the name?
We would love to take credit for the name but thats all our oldest son Mikey! At the time when he handled his bathroom business he would call it Stinkys. We had tossed up a few names Daisy Cakes being the front runner at the time, when Mikey came in the room, as we were in Business Mode, and said, “Dadda, I did Stinkies!” Right then we decided Stinky Cakes! We both loved it. We thought it was funny, something for both parents and babies. We say that we provide the cake and baby provides the Stinky! We knew it would be a name that would make people laugh and smile, and be a name that was brandable and not easily forgotten. We also say to anyone that has a problem with the name that they will have to wait 14 years to take it up with Mikey! (They normally smile then)

What are Stinky Cakes™?
These glamorous and trendy “Cakes” are actually created with layers of disposable diapers and can be adorned with an array of goodies, and personalized with baby’s name.

Why Stinky Cakes™?
Our cakes stand out because of the quality and craftswomenship. Our creative design team takes extreme pride in every cake we create. We are always looking to do something NEW and DIFFERENT, and this is something our customers LOVE!

Stinky Cakes™ are great for:
• a new Mom or Mom-To-Be
• a baby shower centerpiece
• the perfect complement to flowers as a hospital gift
• an amazing decorative piece for baby’s first room,
• a special gift for any co-worker or client.

Why Stinky Cakes?
Simple ...because MOMS need DIAPERS!

To our Stinky Cakers!
We would just like to thank our clients for all the positive feedback you have given us. You are the reasons for our success, and we would just like to let you know how much we appreciate you.

Stinky Cake Humor :)
Q. What did the Girl Stinky Cake say to the Boy Stinky Cake?

Q. What did the Boy Stinky Cake say to the Girl Stinky Cake?

If you have a stinky cake joke please email us at [email protected], and we could post your funny!

Please enjoy our Stinky Cakes!