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Encourage Entrepreneurship!

Posted by Myke on 11/13/2010

Parents encourage your kids to be entrepreneurs! Never tell them wait until they're older! Our parents always encouraged our entrepreneurial efforts. Adrienne's parents encouraged her to babysit & have a paper route among other ventures. My parents supported all the silly ideas I had. When it can time to launch Stinky Cakes we knew we could do it, we've already failed and succeed so many times we figured we had nothing to lose with Stinky! Today together we've built a brand thats thousands of people love, and now we have some many people that want to see us succeed. Our parents though are our biggest supporters! They give us confidence to continue even when times are tough! 

Damone Date 11/17/2010 4:22:00 PM
Prime example = Jaden & Willow Smith!
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 Encourage Entrepreneurship!

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